Hi, I'm Michelle.

            Trusting someone to create a great first impression for your business isn’t easy, so a big part of what I do is connecting with the people behind the businesses that I write for. If I understand you, I can tell the story of your business and your brand in a way that reflects your unique style and values.

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            You might have an amazing product or service but here’s the thing; it won’t matter how amazing it is if nobody knows about it. You need to be front and centre when it comes to your ideal customers. You want to get found on Google. You want to sell more, grow your business, and live your dream. You know the one about retiring in the sun and spending your days sipping cocktails? Or is that just me?

            Either way, I get it. I can help you.

            What a copywriter can do for you

            Words have power and they matter. Great content is your secret weapon when it comes to selling and building a relationship with potential and existing customers.

            Forget the boring corporate jargon or trying to write an ‘About Me’ page that doesn’t make you die a little inside.

            I can come up with the words that connect you and those dream customers that are just waiting to discover you.

            What you can expect from me

            From website content to blogs, social media, marketing materials, and much more, I’ll create the content that connects, converts, and most of all doesn’t make anyone’s eyes glaze over!

            What My
            Clients Say

            Nicola Richardson, The People Mentor.

            Bridget Woodhead, Traincon Learning.

            Stephanie Holland, Essential Beauty and Training Academy

            Maureen O'Callaghan Training & Mentoring

            “ Michelle is an absolute asset to have as part of your team. She has the ability to pick up the values of your business and convey it in the writing. An absolute ace and so approachable and supportive."

            The People Mentor

            “ I have worked with Michelle for over a year now and I can’t imagine my life without her! She is so talented in her field of work and she can manage anything I ask her to do. She is professional, rigorous, compassionate, pragmatic, and forward- thinking, and she would be an asset to any business owner looking for high-quality creative copy.”


            “Michelle has managed to get my website onto the first page of Google-how amazing is that! She is professional, efficient, and excellent at her job. I’d be lost without her and I can’t thank her enough for all that she does.”

            Essential Beauty

            "Our aim in working with Michelle was is to assist and support our audience. Michelle produces meaningful and valuable content that is always informative and innovative. Her contribution has helped my business to gain the attention of my audience and demonstrated my expertise.”

            Maureen O'Callaghan

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            I am more than a writer; work with me and I’ll be behind the scenes helping you succeed, every step of the way.

            Want to know more how I can help you build your amazing business and reach even more of your ideal customers?

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            (+44) 07952 134115

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