Hi, I'm Michelle.

        I grew up in a seaside town in the North East of England, which meant that I spent a lot of time splashing around in rockpools, feeling the sand between my toes, and combing the beach for the prettiest shells I could find.

        I was the most curious kid around, and a self-confessed daydreamer. I always liked to know ‘why’ and I’m sure that was my favourite word at one point, much to the annoyance of my parents.

        I loved to read, and one of my earliest memories is of reading Cinderella with my Dad (it’s still my favourite story.) I remember thinking that one day, I wanted to write stories that everyone would love to read.

        I got the writing bug in my teens when I decided journalism would be the career for me. I wrote for my college magazine and my local newspaper, and I won a competition to meet and interview the footballer Rio Ferdinand at Wembley. I was so excited to see my piece in the News of the World. My dad was just excited to meet some footballers.

        By the time university came around, I’d been told so many times that journalism was ‘too competitive’ and that writing was not a ‘proper job’ and I changed course.

        My other love in life was fitness, so I pursued a rewarding career with the NHS, providing exercise therapy to patients with enduring mental illness. I got so much satisfaction from helping people, and I was sure I’d found my calling. But it always felt like there was always something missing. It turns out that something was writing. I missed the creative expression and using my imagination to tell a story. The pull was too hard to resist. So I left the NHS, armed only with a small amount of savings (most of which went on a shiny new laptop), and started writing. I wrote some pieces for free at the start, but I was lucky enough to meet some business owners early on who saw the value of what I do.

        The rest as they say is history. 3 years on, I’m still doing what I love and helping some truly inspirational people build their businesses.

        I never wanted a ‘proper job’ anyway.

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